Can a Nurse Practitioner Open a Medspa in Florida?

A doctor licensed by the State of Florida or a group doctor's office can own a medical spa in the Sunshine State. Non-doctors can also own a spa and contract for the provision of medical services, but they cannot direct or control the medical services provided. To work in a medical spa, a person needs both a medical certificate and an aesthetic license. For trained nurses and dentists, they already possess the skills and education to offer their services at the spa.

A pertinent question that anyone who opens a medical spa or healthcare office should ask is: “Who can do what?” Medical professionals operating outside their scope of practice is one of the main legal pitfalls that practices often fall into, which could lead to lawsuits, problems with state regulatory authorities, and damage the reputation of your business. A nurse practitioner recently posted a comment on ThriveAP related to MedSpas and delegation to estheticians. This raises an important question: Can nurse practitioners open their own MedSpa? In many states, nurse practitioners can start such businesses independently, taking advantage of the favorable scope of state practice laws. If you are interested in opening a MedSpa as a nurse practitioner, what legal regulations should you keep in mind? Similar guidelines may exist for nursing professionals who delegate nurses or estheticians in the MedSpa environment.

Not only should you review the scope of practice guidelines for NPs in your state, but you should also refer to specific guidelines for owning a MedSpa or a practice that offers cosmetic procedures. Make sure that you and your staff are properly trained in the administration of cosmetic procedures before opening the doors of your MedSpa. Opening a MedSpa can be a cost-effective way for nurse practitioners to use their skills in a business endeavor.The American MedSpa Association provides a summary of these state guidelines, although to access this resource, one must pay to become a member of the organization. It is important to understand all legal regulations before opening your own MedSpa as a nurse practitioner.

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