How Profitable is Owning a Spa? A Comprehensive Guide

Are you considering opening a spa? If so, you may be wondering how profitable owning a spa can be. According to Cristina Ampil, hospitality and leisure analyst at PricewaterhouseCoopers, the average profit margin for the four types of spas – club spas, day spas, resort-hotel spas and other spas – is 17.3 percent. Of these four types, day spas tend to have the highest profits. Luxury spas should aim for a profit margin of 10 to 15 percent, depending on their operating expenses, payroll rate and overall expenses.

Unfortunately, many day spas operate with compensation rates of 50 percent or more, resulting in minimal or no profit margins. This means that many spas are leaving money on the table and missing out on revenue opportunities. Trent Munday of Mandara Spa, whose focus is on hotel spas, believes that the biggest missed opportunity in most hotel spas today is the potential to leverage their current customers. Every satisfied customer is an evangelist for their business and should be given simple ways to promote the spa.

When it comes to salon owners who attract celebrity customers, they are more likely to be at the top of the estimated range for profit margins. The spa franchise industry also remains an attractive option due to its high profit margins and continued growth. Call it “Open-Book Management” or anything else you want, but opening the curtain on the financial reality of building a successful and profitable business is the secret to employee engagement. Three-quarters of respondents say they are excited to try these services right now, and that interest will increase as the services become more widely known.

The medical spa industry is massive and only going to grow. The results show that Botox and fillers are not only the most popular treatments but also the most cost-effective.

Janis Veino
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