Which Medical School is the Hardest to Get Into?

Medical courses are one of the most challenging and sought-after academic programs. Academics find it easier to admire medical students than to be accepted into the medical school itself. However, the most difficult medical schools to enter are often some of the best medical schools. Becoming a doctor can be one of the most rewarding and highest-paying careers in the U.

S. But medical schools have a reputation for being difficult to enter, with average acceptance rates ranging from just 2% to 20% of applicants. To help you choose the right school for you, we've researched the best degree programs in the medical field and made this list of the easiest medical schools to enter. Medical professionals are in demand, and for the next decade, the U.

UU. It is expected that there will be a shortage of doctors.But medical schools can't cut corners and need to keep class sizes small to ensure everyone gets the training they need. As a result, earning a medical degree requires serious commitment. Generally, students need to have a bachelor's degree, a high GPA, and a high score on the Medical School Admission Test (MCAT).

If you don't meet all of these criteria, then you may think that a medical career is out of the question.Fortunately, that's not the case, and you may be able to attend one of these accredited medical schools that are easier to get into. To put together this list, we researched nearly 50 medical schools in the U. To ensure that we cover a variety of programs and locations. We used the data available on each school's website to narrow down the list based on enrollment, GPA requirements, average MCAT scores, and other factors to determine these top 20 picks.The University of Mississippi School of Medicine is a four-year program located in Jackson, MS, leading to a doctor of medicine degree.

Students participate in research, training, and clinical practice, with a focus on caring for Mississippi's diverse residents and underserved populations. This is the only medical center of its kind in Mississippi, and its goal is to create strong professional networks and career opportunities.Mercer University School of Medicine offers degree programs in several Georgia locations, including a four-year M. D. Students can also apply for a doctoral program in rural health sciences, a master's degree in family therapy, and related medical programs.

Although MUSM is easier to access than many other medical schools, the M. program is only open to residents of Georgia.UND School of Medicine & Health Sciences is located in Grand Forks, ND, and offers significant tuition break for residents of North Dakota and Minnesota. They also offer an Indians into Medicine (INMED) program specifically for Native American students. The program accepts 78 applicants each year, with two years on the Grand Forks campus followed by two years in clinics elsewhere in the state.The Sanford School of Medicine at the University of South Dakota offers M.

D., Ph. D., M. P. H., M.

S., DPT., PA-C., DNP., and other degrees. A unique offering is the Frontier and Rural Medicine (FARM) program, which places students on a nine-month journey in local clinics to learn about rural medicine.Non-residents must have a close relationship with the state, such as having family members in the state, graduating from an in-state high school or college, or being part of a federally recognized local tribe.LSU Health Shreveport is the only school of its kind in the northern part of the state and has a class size of around 150 students. Students have access to Lecturio, a video library and mobile app that helps students prepare for exams and study on the go. Other degree options include a research track of distinction and a joint doctorate/master's degree.Applicants must participate in a virtual interview to be considered.The University of Arizona Tucson School of Medicine has several unique programs, including the Premedical Admission Pathway (P-MAP), which lasts 13 months, and a continuing medical education program.

Other degree options include topics of distinction such as rural health, global health, and bilingual medical Spanish. Students can also apply for international study abroad programs and a 10-week internship in healthcare in the U. UU.The Memphis Graduate College of Health Sciences offers ten different master's and doctoral programs, in areas ranging from nursing science to health outcomes and policy research. The application process can be completed completely online and there is no fee to pay for applying.

This program is open to international students but proof of English language proficiency and verified educational records may be required.Central Michigan University School of Medicine is located in Mount Pleasant MI with access to a 10 000 square foot simulation center Students can choose from residency programs ranging from family medicine to general surgery and scholarships are available for emergency medical services and psychiatry About 80% of students are from Michigan but out-of-state residents can apply.UNR School of Medicine offers degree programs in speech pathology physician assistant studies and more Students can choose between an M D combination programs or degrees through the School of Community Health Sciences Medical school has a 12% acceptance rate and maintains small classes with only 70 students per class Students participate in a standardized patient program and clinical simulation laboratory.UNMC program focuses on improving clinical skills through small group lessons and patient simulations UNMC does not have a minimum threshold for GPA or MCAT scores but it prioritizes Nebraskans and those who excel during the interview process Students can choose from enhanced medical education courses in areas such as comprehensive HIV medication and neglected healthcare.The UMASS School of Medicine in North Worcester MA is known for its M D Program Your Research Center and Your Residency Opportunities This program keeps classes small with around 162 students per year and emphasizes diversity and inclusion Population-Based Urban & Rural Community Health Track (PURCH) welcomes 25 new students each year and moves between Worcester & Springfield campuses.The Jacobs School of Medicine & Biomedical Sciences at University at Buffalo offers several unique programs including an accelerated three-year MD program The school also offers dual degrees such as MD/PhD MD/MPH MD/MBA MD/JD MD/MSCIS MD/MSW MD/MAE MD/MPA MD/MSED & MD/MSOT The school has an acceptance rate of 8% & requires applicants to submit MCAT scores & letters of recommendation.Medical school can be difficult but there are many options available for those who want to pursue their dreams With this list you can find an accredited school that fits your needs & goals Whether you're looking for an accelerated program or one that focuses on rural medicine there's something here for everyone Good luck!.

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