Does nyu medical school require casper?

While CASPer has been popular in Canada for several years, it is starting to gain traction in the United States, and MD %26 DO schools, including New York Medical College, Rutgers — Robert Woods Johnson, Drexel, Temple, Touro and SUNY Upstate, now require the CASPer test; the full list of CASPer schools is in the. We require all applicants to submit scores for the Medical School Admission Test (MCAT) as part of our admissions process. Although you are expected to demonstrate proficiency in the sciences, social sciences and humanities, we do not require specific courses and encourage students with a wide range of undergraduate experience to apply. Learn more about our admission requirements.

Learn more about our MD admissions requirements and how to apply. NYU Grossman School of Medicine does not ask you to submit a resume or resume. Instead, NYU requires you to submit a centralized AMCAS application that requires you to write about your accomplishments in detail. These “work and activity entries,” as they are called, are sent to NYU medical school, as well as to any other medical school you apply to through AMCAS.

Echoing what they did last year. Since you will probably have to take CASPer for other schools, you can do so and see if NYU appears on the list of schools that want the grade so you can send it to them. Or you can simply send an intake email if the information on the website is not yet clear.

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